The Technology

Microcurrent technology mirrors the body's natural current to promote quick and speedy healing.

When there is injury, damage or disease to a tissue, there is disruption to the normal electrical current within the cells and things fail to work properly. By introducing the correct sequences of current using the ArcEquine, the body's natural electric circuitry is replicated and kick starts and accelerates normal functioning.

Microcurrent stimulation can increase ATP production by up to 500% and when introduced can enhance and accelerate healing in a fraction of the normal time. Pain is also minimised and effectively controlled.

  • Increase ATP
  • Increase Protein Synthesis
  • Reduce Inflammation
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The Complete Pain & Tissue Repair Therapy

The ArcEquine utilises minute, sub-sensory sequences of electrical current, to provide a drug free, non-invasive and safe treatment, for many injuries and conditions.

Microcurrent Therapy

Entirely non-invasive

Pain Management

Reduce physiological pain

Prevention & Maintenance

"Prevention is better than cure."

Promotes General Wellbeing

Ensure optimum health

Reduce Swelling, Bruising & Inflammation

Facilitates swift recovery following injury or disease

Tissue Repair

Facilitates tissue repair