Injury Sustained: * NEW TESTIMONIAL * Windgalls and Swollen Knee

Horse's Age:

I had been recommended ArcEquine by so many friends who had experienced amazing results with really serious injuries or syndromes like kissing spines, suspensory desmitis, unresponsive wounds or chronic laminitis and associated pedal bone rotation.

With such a range of uses, I thought there would be no harm testing it"s use on a banged knee that we were desperate to reduce without medication the week before an International event which we really wanted to do! My only previous experience of a big knee took forever to settle, and the horse missed a key part of the season, so I wasn"t hopeful! After the first cycle late evening, and the day after it happened, the knee had pretty much returned to normal form.

I was gobsmacked! The mare was never unsound, and as days went on, the effect just got better - the windgalls that sometimes appear after an event were gone, she felt stronger and keener than ever, she was perky on the way home from her next event and obviously we never had a moment of trouble from the knee. I"m a believer in fate and suspect a minor knock was intended to introduce me to the ArcEquine.

It is now a most valued piece of equipment and used daily to keep everyone sound, happy and performing to their very best.