Injury Sustained: Arthritis in a previously injured leg

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

´I am an amateur eventer in the UK. My main competition horse, Fernhill Sirocco (Rocco) suffered a serious stifle injury in spring 2014, requiring surgery to remove the torn meniscus in his near hind joint. The tear was so severe that the vets told us that there was virtually no meniscus left in the joint. Although they were confident he would become sound again following the surgery, arthritis in the joint was inevitable within 1-2 years.

We successfully brought him back into work in 2015, getting a couple of events in before the end of the year. At the start of 2016 we were starting to see minor signs of arthritis in the injured leg. I purchased an ArcEquine unit in the spring, and began using it, desperate to still be able to ride and compete with him. Within a few weeks we began to see a marked improvement in the freedom of his gait, and he appeared 100% sound. We have had a fantastic season competing - completing 9 events with fantastic performances in all of them - 7 double clears, 2 of which were in CIC1* classes, and moving back up to intermediate level. He is in the form of his life, and people (including our physic and vets!) are always in awe of how well his is performing with the injury he endured.

We use the ArcEquine regularly on the maintenance programmes, but also always use it after competition to help his recovery. He is always full of life after every event, and has not shown any lameness since starting to use the ArcEquine, meaning we have been able to keep competing to a high level without having to medicate the joint.

I´ve been promoting the ArcEquine to anyone who will listen - for both personal and equine use (I´ve also used it on myself for a back injury with great results).

Thank you so much for a fantastic product, which has completely turned my year around!!´


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