Injury Sustained: Chronic Laminitis with Pedal Bone Rotation

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Trakehner

´Our beautiful Champion Graded Trakehner ex-brood mare, Ublah, who has given us 2 beautiful youngsters (Ultimate Illusion by Future Sports Horses wonderful stallion Future Illusion and Ulysses by Bluewood Stud´s fantastic stallion Tycoon). After showing no symptoms at all except mild foot bruising (she was at the time unshod), Ublah was unfortunately diagnosed with chronic laminitis in Sept 2013, with pedal bone rotation in both front feet.

We faced an uphill battle over the winter to treat this awful condition and bring Ublah through to recovery, she had to be in on permanent box rest through the winter because she couldn´t go out in the mud due to both the risk of pulling the remedial plastic shoes off plus the risk of abscesses from the mud getting under the bar shoe; and she lost too much weight after having to be on the usual required soaked hay/low sugar laminitis suitable diet.

Ublah had her ArcEquine on throughout the entire period and although she has of course had other necessary treatment (drugs to treat the mild PPID
she was diagnosed with, extensive remedial farriery, appropriate diet and herbal supplements) she came fully sound, and was backed for the first time in probably 15 or so years in March time; and is enjoying her ride and lead and light ridden exercise.

She is having her ArcEquine on every day at the moment to help guard against inflammation in the laminae due to Spring grass - whilst we don´t know for sure that this is happening; we are religiously checking pulses and soundness every day and so far she´s doing absolutely fine.

Further case studies to follow of the successful use of ArcEquine in our herd of 5 lovely horses.´