Case Studies



Horse's Age:

I´ve used ArcEquine on my mare to treat her sarcoids. It´s doing a great job and have improved her sarcoids massively, especially the hard to get one (round her eye and...

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Injury: Possible sarcoids

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

´Tio got two massive fly bites last September that were very inflamed and these lumps developed from there - Pam never had them confirmed as sarcoids but the vet was...

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Sarcoid before the ArcEquine treatment

Injury: Sarcoid above the eye

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

Hamish, our 16.3hh homebred eventer, developed a sarcoid above his right eye a couple of years ago. The sarcoid was growing fairly rapidly. We tried various treatments to begin...

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Injury: Sarcoids - Eyelid

Horse's Age: 5 years old
Breed: Irish Sports Horse

´This horse developed 2 sarcoids, one sarcoid on the inside of his front leg and one sarcoid on his right eyelid. The sarcoid on his eye grew quite quickly to...

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Sarcoid before ArcEquine treatment

Injury: Sarcoids - Sheath

Horse's Age: 20 years old
Breed: Grand Prix Dressage

´This horse had 3 large sarcoids on his sheath of varying sizes, the largest sarcoid been the size of a fist. The horse had lived with the sarcoids for years...

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12th May