Case Studies

Injury: Check Ligament Strain

Horse's Age: 11 Years Old
Breed: Dutch warmblood

´My 11 year old Dutch Warmblood was diagnosed with a check ligament strain and was told that the recovery would be lengthy. Vet recommended restricted walking, initially 8 weeks walking.

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Injury: Check ligament strain and an old scar tissue

Horse's Age: 10 years old
Breed: Unknown

´My horse was diagnosed with a check ligament strain injury, and also had a large old scar on his leg. The recommended treatment was box rest for 12 weeks.


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Injury: Chronic collapse of the suspensory (ligament) apparatus

Horse's Age: 25 Years Old
Breed: Irish Thoroughbred

´Niggy had changes going on in his hock and suspensory ligaments, and a bursa on the side of his hock. He was kept in his stable for a week and...

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Before ArcEquine treatment

Injury: Chronic Laminitis with Pedal Bone Rotation

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Trakehner

´Our beautiful Champion Graded Trakehner ex-brood mare, Ublah, who has given us 2 beautiful youngsters (Ultimate Illusion by Future Sports Horses wonderful stallion Future Illusion and Ulysses by Bluewood Stud´s...

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Injury: Chronic PSD and Bone Spavins

Horse's Age: 17 years old
Breed: Not Avaliable

´Treatment for PSD and Bone Spavins was originally recommended to be shockwave treatment, platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments, and rest. ´Alf´ had 24 weeks walking on hard surfaces and no...

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