Case Studies

Injury: Ataxia and fractured wing of C5

Horse's Age: 2 years and 7 months
Breed: Unknown

´My horse became ataxic after being cast under a fence. X-ray showed a fractured wing of C5 and bony changes at C5 - the significance was unclear. There was a...

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Injury: Behavioural

Horse's Age: 14
Breed: Selle Francais

My horse is a 16.3hh Selle Francais mare called Charley age now 14 but I´ve had her since she was 4.

She sustained a back injury at the age of 6 in...

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Injury: Behavioural issues

Horse's Age: 6 years old
Breed: Not available

´A new mare, was a broodmare with behavioural issues, we planned to try her as a riding horse. Although sweet, she was easily scared, flighty, would panic with little provocation....

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Injury: Bel

Horse's Age: 14
Breed: Thoroughbred (ottb)

In the beginning of October ´15 my mare sliced the back of her left hind pastern whilst being lead through a field. We couldn´t find what cut her so its a...

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Injury: Bite Injury

Horse's Age: UNKNOWN

Unfortunately, following a field ‘play session´ my yearling colt suffered a severe bite injury.

The vet said the injury would take months to heal as two muscles had been bitten through...

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