Case Studies

Injury: Deep Digital Flexor Tendon Tear

Horse's Age: 13 years old
Breed: Unknown

´Gromit was diagnosed with a tear in his deep digital flexor tendon the size of a 50p piece.

This tear was on the side of his tendon so it does...

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Injury: Deep digital flexor tendon tear

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

´My mare had a tear to the deep digital flexor tendon in her foot, and it didn´t look great...

She wore the ArcEquine every day for 12 weeks to help...

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Injury: Deep Equine Wound

Horse's Age: 6 Years old
Breed: Hunter

´Derek came in with nasty wound under his elbow, the vet stitched both internal and external and advised to wash twice a day in salt water and apply flamazine. He...

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Wound - First day

Injury: Deep Equine Wound - Leg

Horse's Age: 4 Years old
Breed: Warmblood X Thoroughbred

´Frank got his leg caught in a gate and it tore him to pieces as he pulled back to release himself. The flesh was stripped right down with a...

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Day 1

Injury: Equine puncture wound through chest

Horse's Age: 5 years old
Breed: Thoroughbred

´Joycie had a severe puncture wound through her chest, with it being unlikely that she would survive. Even if she was to survive there was a limited chance she could...

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Day of wound