Case Studies

Breaks and Fractures

Injury: Ataxia and fractured wing of C5

Horse's Age: 2 years and 7 months
Breed: Unknown

´My horse became ataxic after being cast under a fence. X-ray showed a fractured wing of C5 and bony changes at C5 - the significance was unclear. There was a...

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Injury: Bone fragments in stifle joint, partially torn cruciate ligament and locked stifle joint

Horse's Age: Not known
Breed: Not known

´Millie went suddenly lame when ridden on the flat in the arena on a good surface. Initially it was thought she had a potential sacroiliac issue for which she was...

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Injury: Broken Neck

Horse's Age: 10 years old
Breed: Thoroughbred

´A much loved advanced event horse, Pirate, broke his neck in the pasture in January 2013. X-rays showed a significant crack in the vertebrae, dangerously close to the spinal cord....

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Kelsey and Pirate with Francis Whittington

Injury: Fractured cannon bone and severed splint bone near hind leg

Horse's Age: 18 years old
Breed: Connemara X

´When Belle, an 18 yr old Connemara X and a very important family member, fractured her cannon bone and severed her near hind splint bone, we were recommended euthanasia or...

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Belle X-Ray

Injury: Fractured leg

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

´I found out about the ArcEquine unit after reading an English mag (I am based in New Zealand). A little while later my horse fractured her leg and my mind...

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