ArcEquine's Top Tips

Pssst...Yes, You! Check Out These Top Tips

Of course you love your horse - we all do, but along with the cuddles, keeping on top of health issues is vital and at ArcEquine, we're always being asked for advice about injuries and accidents, so we thought we'd share some of the ways you can use your ArcEquine unit to help keep your horse fit and well.

Tip 1

Reduce pain, inflammation and swelling from bruises or other injuries which can so easily happen when a bit too much excess energy is present. 

Tip 2

Promote rapid healing of those little nicks and scratches horses seem to attract to themselves on an all-too-frequent basis, with reduced risk of infection and little or no scar tissue.

Tip 3

Accelerate recovery after a demanding training session or competition when you know your horse is feeling tired and perhaps a bit ‘achy'. Travelling home with an ArcEquine unit on will help to rapidly reduce lactic acid and reduce stiffness in the muscles.

Tip 4

Banish those little ‘niggles' and ‘off-days' and help prevent injuries during your pre-season fitness campaign. Unseen micro-tears in soft tissues commonly precede major injuries and ArcEquine will help to heal these quickly, reducing the risk of more significant damage.

Tip 5

Maintain fitness and wellbeing with regular (one weekend each month) use of your ArcEquine to ensure your horse feels as well as he looks. Microcurrent therapy works throughout the body, stimulating individual cells to help keep your horse feeling fit and ready to perform.