"Stanley giraffe had his final scan last week and after 4 months box rest and daily use of the ArcEquine his suspensory looks like new! So, so happy." - Darling Dressage.

"In February my mare Ellie got a small puncture wound, on scanning the damage was much worse than thought, all three tendons were ruptured right into the tendon sheath, the diagnosis was grim, lots of conventional things were used, medication, rest, but with little effect. My daughter then said about ArcEquine, Ellie has regular treatment with ArcEquine and I am convinced this is the reason she still with us." - J Leavold

"My beautiful Luso mare who was competing at AM this time last year - put a hole in her cruciate ligament - The vet virtually wrote her off - with ArcEquine, we are gradually coming back to soundness - I have been spreading the word in North Yorkshire - race horse trainers up here are very interested - my conversation with Ian Thirkell last week cemented my opinions - ARC is the technology of the future, not just for horses, but for everyone - watch this space - my mare will get back to full fitness - thanks to clever surgery from the vet and back up and support from the ARC team." - K Gardner

"I bought and used the Arc with a fantastic amount of success for a very serious hind suspensory tear. It healed without any scar tissue." - A Hill

"We were told he would never be ridden and his prognosis at the specialist hospital was a very large lame field pet at best. At each scan we've watched his injuries heal, his leg ligaments change back to a healthy normal pattern and his hip reshape.

Yesterday he had his first set of shoes on, was tacked up and ridden out and he was a complete gentlemen. I'm so proud of my daughter for not giving up on him.

Thank you to all those at Arc equine especially Ian, who has taught my daughter to believe in miracles. Thank you x." - B Pritchards

"My young appaloosa took a huge growth spurt leaving him with weakened hind suspensory ligaments, his prognosis is not good have used the arc therapy for a few months and he has improved greatly. I now have some hope. The team at arc have been fantastic providing support, a huge thankyou." - J Barbour

"Many thanks to Arc Equine for their amazing customer service." - C Rawson

"We have just used this super little gadget on Donald our 18 year old Highland who was diagnosed with arthritic hocks, he was so lame he could hardly walk, he was on 2 Danilon a day and was feeling sore and very sorry for himself. We started using Arcequine and with the help of Ian and the team who were there for us all the way through his treatment, he came off the Danilon as soon as we started and is a very happy boy, now hacking out and back to normal. Thank you ArcEquine." - C Gellender-Mills

"An every day bit of kit that eases old strains and repairs new wounds. Brilliant." - C Russell

"I was a cynic but willing to give anything a go to help my boy with a huge deep flexor tendon injury (diagnosis was very poor, might recover enough to be a grass ornament with some luck). Nine weeks later on re-scanning after following Ian's instructions to the letter, the whole of the Leahurst Vet team were amazed when Mojo trotted up 100% sound and on scanning the tendon was making remarkable recovery, the head Vet was so astonished with his progress she asked me to demonstrate the ArcEquine on her to her students! Unheard of in a World where these people only deal in proven facts happiest person in the World when she announced he should start to be ridden to strengthen and harden his tendon." - C Taylor

"An amazing treatment - it does what it says on the package!" - J Pinfold

"Brilliant piece of kit! We then decided to hire an ArcEquine after hearing fab success stories. Within 5 days of using the Arc the heat in his tendon totally disappeared, and two months on we've never had a day of a hot tendon and scans since have shown a massive improvement in the strength of the fibres in the tendon." - K Sanderson

"Anyone who has horse's or has had a trauma horse or human take the time to research Arcequine it's worth the investment." - G Denzey

"The ArcEquine is a unique bit of kit which outclasses any other healing aid you will come across by a country mile. Diligent and consistent use yields the best - and amazing - results. I've been using it for years and still get regularly surprised by the truly remarkable things it does." - G Tusting

"I am still using it on the maintenance programme, and I must say that Ian and his team have been incredibly supportive and helpful all the way through the process. Would recommend the ArcEquine to anyone." - B Crowther

"My mare had a tear to the deep flexor tendon in her foot and it didn't look great... She's had the Arc on every day for 12 weeks and I've just had the MRI report for her second scan on Thursday. It said there were 'significant improvements', including improvement to the damaged coffin joint ligaments, and that the tear "appears to have healed". Best news I could have had, thank you very much." - E Jones

"Amazing kit !! My son's horse was pretty much written off, after 5 months of serious lameness vet was doubtful we'd ever fix her... Week 6 of using the Arc and my son is back on board!! Unbelievable." - J Fletcher

"My horse had a terrible accident in the field resulting in him needing an operation on his knee and cannon bone because he had torn the flesh down to the bone. Amazingly I was back riding him after there weeks post op! It's like riding a different horse!" - C Adams

"I think I've gained 30% more performance from my wonderful horse since she's been using the arcequine system. I wouldn't be without it now as part of the horses routine." - M Palles-Clark

"Used it for over a year now on the horses and us. Amazing technology and best of all - it's non invasive." - P Harrison

"It REALLY works!!!!" - A la Conte

"It's extraordinary and I hope will soon get the worldwide medical recognition it deserves." - E Sallis

"Fab product for both horse and rider! Can't believe the results." - L Hayman

"Exceptionally pleased with the results! I am so pleased with the unit and totally believe in the Arc Equine." - S Hayter