How ArcEquine works

ArcEquine has been successfully used to treat ligaments, tendons, muscles, skin and bone.

ArcEquine has been successfully used to treat tissue repair (ligaments, tendons, muscles, skin and bones) quickly by using minute, sub-sensory sequences of electrical current to provide a drug-free, non-invasive, safe treatment. ArcEquine can also reduce bruising and inflammation associated with many equine conditions.

ArcEquine is easy to use. No specialist training or clinical knowledge is required so owners can administer ArcEquine's treatment themselves, although many of our users are professional riders, trainers, owners, therapists and vets.

ArcEquine has been successful in treating the following:

  • Dispersing swelling, bruising and inflammation
  • Reducing and eliminating pain
  • Dispersing lactic acid
  • Promoting general well-being
  • Reducing pre-existing scar tissue - no matter how chronic
  • Kick starting and accelerating regenerative healing in all tissue - both internal and external

The use of ArcEquine can lead to:

  • Recovery in a fraction of the normal time
  • Minimal scar tissue
  • Prevention of micro tears developing into major injury