How ArcEquine Started

Ian Thirkell, the man behind ArcEquine, came across the benefits of microcurrent technology several years ago. After transferring the microcurrent technology to the equine world, a study was carried out using 16 worst case scenario racehorses, all the racehorses had suffered career ending/life threatening injuries. 

During subsequent trials, the racehorses were treated using ArcEquine (microcurrent technology) and rehabbed dynamically and progressively. Despite the severity of the racehorses cases, analysis showed that the racehorses average time from start of treatment/rehab to return to racing was 30 weeks.

The studies also showed that none of the racehorses treated with ArcEquine (microcurrent technology) subsequently broke down with a repetition of the same injury. In fact, two of the racehorses successfully completed 43 and 47 races in the three years following the ArcEquine (microcurrent technology) treatment.


Since then we have made it our mission to reduce pain and suffering and support healthy quality of life for all animals by exploring the boundaries/possibilities of this technology.