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Are there any side effects?

Microcurrent has a dehydrating effect so please ensure that all users have access to fresh water at all times. In the case of immune/auto-immune deficiencies, an increase in symptoms may occur. This is usually short lived and a positive sign that ArcEquine is working.

Do I have to use the gel?

Yes. The gel becomes the conduit between the electrode (carbon rubber) and the skin and as a result completes the electrical circuit.

Does the delivery unit need to be removed at the end of the session?

No, the delivery unit will go into sleep mode and can be removed when next convenient to yourself.

How long will it take for my ArcEquine kit to arrive?

Orders placed before 2pm Mon-Thurs will be dispatched the same day for next day delivery. For those placed on Friday, you will need to request a Saturday delivery, for which there may be an additional charge. Orders placed after 2pm on Saturday/Sunday will be dispatched the next working day.

How quickly can I expect to see a result?

ArcEquine is not a “silver bullet”. The two main imponderables are how soon an individual will start to respond to the stimulus and how quick the programme will then be. Very often with horses, the initial response is seen during the first 7-hour application. As a general rule of thumb, any tissue problem will be resolved with a saving in time of at least 50%, with a much better outcome.

If ArcEquine is as good as people say, can it be used instead of veterinary treament?

Use of ArcEquine is in addition to, not as a replacement for, your existing veterinary policies and practices.

What sort of problems has ArcEquine helped with?

- Sarcoids
- Navicular problems
- Annular muscle problems
- Tendonitis
- Arthritis
- Sacroilliac pain
- Patella ligaments
- Suspensory ligaments
- Tissue damage of all kinds
- Broken bones
- Many more... For more information or the full list, please check out our Case Studies page.

Where on the horse's leg should the leg strap be placed?

The strap should be placed on the lower leg. For shorter horses or ponies, the bottom strap can be placed below the fetlock.


Does ArcEquine fit alongside traditional vet treatment?

ArcEquine does not interfere with, nor is it interfered by the majority of other treatment modalities. It will compliment most veterinary treatments enabling a faster and better result. If you are unsure if it is suitable to use ArcEquine alongside other treatment, please email

Does the delivery unit need to be placed at the site of injury?

No, microcurrent technology works systematically at cellular level, so it does not matter where the site of injury/problem is as the current will travel throughout the body to wherever it is needed.

How do I register my ArcEquine?

You do not need to register your new ArcEquine. Your ArcEquine will automatically be registered from the date of purchase and is covered for 2 years in line with standard government legislations. This also applies for rental and staged payment options.

How exactly does microcurrent work?

Please see The Technology page for more information.

How long does the ArcEquine 2 take to charge?

It takes 4 hours to completely recharge your ArcEquine 2.

I have just finished working my horse and washed him down, is it OK to put ArcEquine on when my horse is wet?

No. Any electrical current will take the line of least resistance. On a wet leg, the line of least resistance will be up the outside of the leg and there will be no penetration into the body.

If there are bad cells, will ArcEquine or microcurrent cause them to spread or generate?

No. "Bad cells" are present within all animals but are kept under control by a healthy immune system. The immune system can be compromised in a number of different ways and is particularly susceptible to the effects of chronic stressors, both physical and psychological. This is where ArcEquine has a double effect. Firstly, it reduces and eliminates stress and secondly, it boosts the immune system. ArcEquine has a beneficial effect in re-establishing the natural balance.

My ArcEquine 2 will switch on but the delivery button will not work?

When switching on your ArcEquine 2 please make sure that you leave at least 20 seconds before pressing the delivery button. This gives the unit time to programme and will then be ready to receive its next instruction. You should then press the delivery button once and it will bleep. The button will flash with the LED light indicating that it is delivering. This LED will be red if the carbon rubber pads are not in contact with the horse. Green indicates a full connection.

Why do the lights change from solid to flashing?

The LEDs flash to prolong battery life between charges.


Can a magnetic rug be used in conjunction with the ArcEquine?

We advise that that the ArcEquine is used independently from a magnetic rug.

Can I use ArcEquine on a pregnant mare?

Yes it will not cause any harm to the foal or mare. It will also improve the mare´s immunity and general well being.

Can it be used on any leg?

Yes, the strap should be rotated around different legs each day but do not put on a swollen leg or open wound.

Can the delivery unit be worn overnight?

We do not recommend for the following reasons- Some horses with thin / very fair skin may, after prolonged use, begin to have a sensitivity reaction, manifesting in a “ rub “ type condition and even some loss of hair.

Can the horse wear the delivery unit out in the field?

Provided it is dry and the delivery unit is adequately protected by a boot or bandage, it may be worn in the field. However, please note, accidental damage is not covered under warranty.

Carbon ArcPads

Between each use of the ArcEquine 1 & 2, please make sure that you keep the carbon ArcPads clean. The pads can be cleaned on the contact surface only by using soapy water and a nail brush and wiping with clean water. Make sure the Carbon pads are completely dry before re attaching to the leg strap.

I'm struggling to get a connection, is my unit broken?

Please allow a few seconds for a connection to be made, it is not always instant. There are many factors that can contribute towards an intermittent connection. Here are a few things which may help gain a stronger connection.
- Please check that there is enough gel on the pads - if the gel cannot penetrate the hair to the skin, it won´t connect properly.
- If your horse is particularly hairy, you may need to clip their leg before using ArcEquine.
- Make sure your horse has drunk enough water.
- Make sure your unit is charged.
- Try different positions on the leg, eg. placing the lower velcro strap below the fetlock.
If you still find you are having trouble, please email

You say it is easy to use, but is it?

Yes, simplicity of use was a major factor when designing the Arc. No special training is required and no understanding of detailed physiology.


Do I need to wash the strap?

General maintenance is advised. Do not put the straps in a washing machine, but ensure the pads are wiped clean after every use. This will help to prolong the life of the strap.

Do you do demonstration evenings?

Yes, we hold demonstration evenings around the country in conjunction with our local agents. If you wish to hold a demonstration evening, please email

How do I minimise the risk of an adverse reaction?

As in the case of humans, some horses are sensitive/allergic to adhesives and/or gels, or to one of their constituent parts. In order to minimise the risk of an adverse reaction, we supply a conductive gel which has been specifically formulated for human use and, as such, has all of the necessary regulatory approvals. However, we cannot guarantee that no horse will have an adverse reaction to its use. This will initially be seen as inflammation at the site of the electrode and should you see this, please discontinue use of ArcEquine and inform the Company via

I think my unit is faulty, what should I do?

Please email answering the questions below:
Name of purchaser (if not yourself):
Date of Purchase:
Warranty/Serial Number:
When did the problem first occur?:

Once we have received your email, we will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If we cannot solve the problem without seeing the faulty item, you will have to return it to us for checking. Please note, we cannot send replacements until we have received the faulty item.

Sensitivity Reaction

Some horses usually with thin / very fair skin may, after prolonged use, begin to have a sensitivity reaction, manifesting in a “ rub “ type condition and even some loss of hair. In order to prevent this in any animal we make the following recommendations. 1. Do not use every day for more than 6 weeks. Thereafter revert to the maintenance programme. 2. Do not over tighten the elasticated Velcro straps. The carbon rubber electrodes, plus gel, are extremely sensitive so no pressure is required to maintain a good contact. 3. Remove the carbon pads and clean the surface of the pad to remove any residue from the previous application, washing only the contact surface and dry. 4. Do not use for more than 3hrs in any single session 5. Remove the Leg Strap after every 3hrs of use 6. Do not use overnight 7. Do not use such that the Leg Strap / bandage covers any injury 8. Rotate daily the leg used 9. When using the Leg Strap with 2 electrodes the unit can be positioned to both the inside and outside of all available legs, enabling extra positional options

What happens if I notice an increase in symptoms?

In very few cases where neuropathic pain and immune/auto immune deficiencies are involved, the first response to microcurrent has been an increase in symptoms. This is normally short lived and is generally a precursor to rapid improvement.

What if my horse's legs react to the gel?

As in the cases of humans, some horses can by hypersensitive or allergic to gels, or one of their constituent parts. Therefore we cannot guarantee that no horse will have an adverse reaction to its use. A typical reaction may be seen as inflammation at the site of the electrode. Should this happen, discontinue using ArcEquine and contact us on