Case Studies

Injury: Suspensory Ligament Damage

Horse's Age: 8 years old
Breed: Warmblood

I am very happy with my Arc Equine usage. Horse is 8 year old warmblood eventer who had declining performance and didnt look or feel quite right.

Then was diagnosed as having...

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Injury: Suspensory ligament damage - Near fore

Horse's Age: 13 years old
Breed: KWPN

"He damaged his near fore suspensory ligament in 2008, which was treated with box rest, shockwave therapy and cold compression boots. After a prolonged rest and lengthy period of...

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Tucker winning a Grand Prix

Injury: Suspensory ligament damage and deep digital flexor tendon injury

Horse's Age: 17 years old
Breed: Unknown

"My horse had suspensory ligament damage and a recurring deep digital flexor tendon injury, with only the potential for the odd hack after box rest and lots of time...

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Injury: Suspensory Tear, Stiffness and scar on hip

Horse's Age: 9
Breed: Unknown

My horse had a suspensory tear, a big scar on one of his hips, he has also become very stiff on his hind legs.

Due to liver disease my horse and also...

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Injury: Tendon Injury & Lameness

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

"In 1996 I owned a 3 year old bright red turbo diesel Peugeot 205 car. It had smiled at me every time I passed the forecourt on my...

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