Case Studies

Injury: Squirrel

Horse's Age: 8
Breed: Belgian warmblood

´My mare Squirrel went lame in August 2014 and was diagnosed some weeks later with a tear to the deep digital flexor tendon in her foot. My vets urged me...

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Injury: Strained near fore tendon sheath

Horse's Age: 6 years old
Breed: Unknown

"My little coloured horse Tommy is 6 years old. My wife and I backed him and brought him on. He does a bit of everything, dressage, showjumping and...

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Injury: Superficial digital flexor tendon

Horse's Age: 20 years old
Breed: ID x TB

´Original prognosis for my horse was that he had ´blown´ his superficial digital flexor tendon. It was such severe injury of the superficial digital flexor tendon that is was...

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Injury: Suspensory and bursar - Hock

Horse's Age: 25 years old
Breed: Irish Thoroughbred

´In March 2014 vets diagnosed changes in his hock and suspensory ligaments, and a bursar on the side of his hock. The decision was made to keep him in for...

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Injury: Suspensory Injury

Horse's Age: UNKNOWN

My young horse Rio was diagnosed with an upper suspensory injury on his near fore and off rear. After 8 months off and much rehab, the vet told me to retire...

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