Case Studies


Injury: Behavioural

Horse's Age: 14
Breed: Selle Francais

My horse is a 16.3hh Selle Francais mare called Charley age now 14 but I´ve had her since she was 4.

She sustained a back injury at the age of 6 in...

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Injury: DDFT, SFT & Navicula

Horse's Age: 12
Breed: Unknown

It is actually very emotional writing this case study because a year ago I didn´t think I´d ever ride my boy again and today we had a lovely lesson in the...

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First Time Riding

Injury: Deep Digital Flexor Tendon Tear

Horse's Age: 13 years old
Breed: Unknown

´Gromit was diagnosed with a tear in his deep digital flexor tendon the size of a 50p piece.

This tear was on the side of his tendon so it does...

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Injury: Horse Tendon - Hole

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: 3 *** Eventer

´The horse was scanned in June 2013 where it was discovered there was a black hole in his tendon. In September 2013 a 2nd scan did not show much...

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Injury: Suspensory Tear, Stiffness and scar on hip

Horse's Age: 9
Breed: Unknown

My horse had a suspensory tear, a big scar on one of his hips, he has also become very stiff on his hind legs.

Due to liver disease my horse and also...

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