Case Studies


Injury: Behavioural issues

Horse's Age: 6 years old
Breed: Not available

´A new mare, was a broodmare with behavioural issues, we planned to try her as a riding horse. Although sweet, she was easily scared, flighty, would panic with little...

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Injury: Lymphangitis

Horse's Age: unknown
Breed: unknown

"My horse has been great, back out competing, doing hunter trials recently and enjoying life in general and I know it's all down to using the ArcEquine. I have...

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Injury: Old injury misdiagnosed as kissing spine

Horse's Age: 15 years old
Breed: 3/4 TB

´My horse had an old injury, the vets made the usual diagnosis - kissing spine (no it´s not!) hocks (no it´s not!). They did not give a time frame for...

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Injury: Possible Bursitis of the knee

Horse's Age: 11 Years Old
Breed: Welsh X

´After my 11 year old Welsh x had a fall, there was a clear problem with inflammation in the knees, which could possibly be bursitis. We were told it would...

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Injury: Possible sarcoids

Horse's Age: Unknown
Breed: Unknown

"Tio got two massive fly bites last September that were very inflamed and these lumps developed from there - Pam never had them confirmed as sarcoids but the vet...

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Sarcoid before the ArcEquine treatment