Bitesize 6 - Points to Remember (1)

  • It is not the ArcEquine that makes a horse feel better (whatever ‘better’ happens to be), it is the microcurrents delivered by the unit that ‘kick start’ the body to perform correctly / optimally, but at an enhanced rate.
  • The two imponderables with this technology are - how long it will take for an individual to start to respond to this stimulus – and - once the body has started to respond, how quick the progress will then be.
  • These are naturally occurring microcurrents and as such, they cannot be felt, they are totally safe and they cannot be misused or overused.
  • This technology acts systemically, at cellular level, so it does not matter where the microcurrent currents are introduced to the body, they always travel to wherever required.
  • Using microcurrent technology has a cumulative effect and unlike chemical or pharmaceutical interventions, not using it for a day, or even a few days, will have no adverse effect on the advantage already gained.