ArcEquine Advocates

Ambassador - Hoy.JPG

Andrew Hoy
"If you are standing still - you are moving backwards. I have been competing at international level for 39 years and continually strive to improve not only the horses' training but all daily measurements around the management of my horses. They are top athletes and it is imperative to me that no stone is left unturned to support their health and wellbeing. Since experiencing positive results during a trial period, all of the horses in my care receive treatments with ArcEquine - whether it is in a period of recovery after hard work, coming back from an injury or just to maintain their wellbeing. I believe in the product and am proud to stand for it as an Ambassador."

Ambassador - Kruger.jpg

Camilla Kruger
"ArcEquine is a very important piece of equipment on our yard for general well-being and maintenance of all our horses. Sam always feels fantastic and ‘touch wood', 2016 was a consistent season with no medical hold-ups. It not only gives us reassurance that the horses are in good condition physically, I know it helps them mentally. It is very important to have an ArcEquine unit on the yard for any eventuality; it would be out and straight on the horse to minimise healing time for the horse! It's been key to our successes, due to the horses not needing any time off for injuries and the fact that the horses feel fantastic!"

Ambassador - Davison.jpg

Richard Davison
"We use ArcEquine to maintain healthy cell function. Every part of the horse's body is made up of cells. There are many different types but it's critical that they are all able to function optimally, as this maintains the physiological balance. In equestrian sport it is often impossible to avoid injury and inevitably some structures, especially soft tissues, become weakened or damaged. We have found ArcEquine helps the horse to restore its body back to a healthy state with minimum delay."

Ambassador - Fredericks.JPG

Lucinda Fredericks
"The four programmes you can use work from initial pain relief through to repair and on to maintenance.  It is so simple to use and the horses don't notice it, as it's completely non- invasive.  It's also not just about the horses; I use it regularly myself and having used it more than any other equestrian due to injuries, I am 100% confident that the ArcEquine does a fantastic job to speed up the healing process. In all my previous injuries, my recovery has been a lot quicker than expected.  I can highly recommend it."